Welcome to Summerview Medical/Aurora Medical Clinic’s Patient Portal

You can use the patient portal to book appointments, monitor your health status and update your personal information.
The Patient Portal is only available to existing Family Medicine and ABC Weight Management patients.

You can also email us at auroramedicalbooking@gmail.com to request a booking. Our admin staff will call you back to figure out the time and date that works for you.

How to Register

If you are a current patient of ours, you can Register Online This will allow you to book appointments at our clinic.

1. Register Online to book an appointment. You must be a current patient of ours. New patients will be able to access the portal after your initial phone, video conference or in person visit with one of our physicians. A limited range of features is available until you are fully registered.
2.  Please fill out the consent form and fax or email it to our clinic. We will contact you to confirm your identity.
3. If you are having trouble with the portal system, please call CHS at 1-888-225-8310 for help