Helpful Clinic Resources

When it comes to patient care, nothing is more helpful than knowledge and understanding. Here are some helpful links to Clinic resources that we hope can help. If you have any questions or for medical advice, please visit Aurora Medical Clinic as our friendly physicians will be happy to answer your questions.

Ministry of health and long-term care

Ministry of health and long term care Logo

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is working to establish a patient-focused, results-driven, integrated and sustainable publicly funded health system. Its plan for building a sustainable public health care system in Ontario is based on helping people stay healthy, delivering good care when people need it, and protecting the health system for future generations.

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dynacare Logo

Dynacare (formerly Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories) is one of Canada’s largest, most established health solutions companies with a history that spans more than 50 years. Headquartered in Brampton, Ontario, we have operations in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

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LifeLabs Logo

LifeLabs is a Canadian-owned company that has been serving the healthcare needs of Canadians for more than 50 years. Today, LifeLabs performs more than 100 million laboratory tests every year, helping healthcare providers diagnose, treat, monitor and prevent disease in patients.

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Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Cancer Society Logo

If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with cancer, you’ll have many questions and concerns. The Canadian Cancer Society is here to help. They offer support and information for people with cancer and their family, friends and caregivers.

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Diabetes Canada

Diabetes Logo

Diabetes affect many of us whether it is yourself or a loved one. Not only is this an excellent resource to learn more but also allows for donations to help the association continue their fight against diabetes.

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Canadian Obesity Network (CON)

Canadian Obesity Network Logo

The Canadian Obesity Network (CON) is Canada’s largest obesity association, made up of healthcare professionals, researchers, policy makers and people with an interest in obesity.

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Canadian Lung Association

Canadian Lung Association Logo

The Lung Association is the leading organization in Canada working to promote lung health and prevent and manage lung disease.

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Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Logo

The Foundation aims to build healthier hearts and minds across Canada by bringing life-saving knowledge to the communities we serve, through our local area offices and the healthcare providers we support with education and resources.

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Respiratory Homecare solutions (RHS)

Respiratory Homecare solutions Logo

Respiratory Homecare solutions (RHS) is an industry leading provider of sleep apnea testing, home oxygen, CPAP therapy, snoring treatments and other respiratory services.

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Maria Fisher, RD

Maria Fisher Logo

If you want increased energy and feeling of wellbeing, weight loss without feeling starved, less medication, reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, reduced blood sugar – work with Maria Fisher to achieve your health goals.

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Hollandview Pharmacy

Hollandview Pharmacy Logo

Holland View is the leading pharmacy in Aurora. When it comes to providing service, no one exceeds hollanview.

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Apollo Cannabis Clinics

Apollo Clinic Logo

Apollo Cannabis Clinics is an evidence-based medical cannabis clinic. We are dedicated to ensuring patients improve their quality of life through a personalized medical cannabis treatment plan that most effectively treats their conditions & symptoms with medical marijuana. If you are curious about how medical cannabis can help you, or a loved one, please get in touch to book a consultation with one of our experienced physicians.

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