ABC Weight Management – Weight Loss Clinic

ABC is York Region’s new weight management clinic.

Our team works together to provide a comprehensive service to those with overweight and obesity. We aim to ensure that all aspects of health involved in the accumulation of excess weight are addressed. We achieve this, in part, by using the Canadian Practice Guidelines on the Management and Prevention of Obesity and by practicing an evidence based approach to obesity prevention and treatment.

Upon deciding that ABC Weight Management is right for you, we use person-centered methods to define your goals. Through goal setting, accountability, individualized medical treatments and ongoing monitoring, our team will work with you to help you reach your best weight while enjoying a healthy life style.

Why medical Weight Loss ?

Overweight and obesity are complex conditions that may occur as a result of multiple genetic and environmental factors. In many cases, weight gain can be related to conditions such as PCOS, diabetes, sleep disturbances, arthritis, stress, anxiety, depression, financial distress, family dynamic issues etc. however, this connection is often not made. When these conditions are not addressed by a health care professional, many people are unable to maintain or lose weight. Whether you are looking to lose weight or maintain your weight, our multidisciplinary team approach will work with you to provide weight loss services to ensure that all aspects of health involved in the accumulation of excess weight have been addressed.

Lifestyle Program

Our medical weight loss program involves a comprehensive medical evaluation which is conducted upon enrolment. Dr. Soto and the team may conduct a medical history, physical exam, resting metabolism test measures, body composition analysis, laboratory tests as well as specialist referrals (if required). Our medical approach to the accumulation of excess weight includes regular one-on-one visits with our physician who has clinical interest in obesity medicine and is experienced in the prevention, diagnosis and management of obesity and related complications. He will discuss with you and the other team members, treatment modalities that can optimize your
weight loss efforts.


OPTIFAST Program is a medical weight loss program that closely monitor and assesses progress towards a better heath and emotional well-being. The advantage of the Program is that you are provided with a high-quality, calorie-controlled, nutritional plan that transitions to self-prepared every day meals while being supported by our multidisciplinary team. Unlike other meal replacement, the OPTIFAST program treats you as a whole person and not just your weight. Unlike fad diets, the OPTIFAST program has been proven effective in more than 80 clinical studies. More than 1 million people have participated in the program since 1974. To learn more about the positive results yielded by clinical studies on comprehensive weight management programs, visit the OPTIFAST website. The OPTIFAST program has been designed for people who have a body mass index (BMI)that is greater than 30 kg/m2. The program utilizes medical, nutrition and behavioral elements to achieve lasting weight loss.


Average Weight Loss in 26 weeks
30 lbs
OPTIFAST® patients who actively participated in a 26-week medically-monitored program typically lost approximately 30 lbs.

Higher weight loss
2x More
Compared to a reduced-calorie food-based* program

Average loss of total fat mass
11.3 kgs
Compared to a 4.4 kg loss observed in individuals in a reduced-calorie food-based program*

Decrease in waist circumference
12 cm
Compared to a 7.7 cm decreased observed in reduced-calorie food-based program*

Blood glucose levels
Weight loss with the OPTIFAST® program can help lower blood glucose vs baseline 2,3

Average decrease in blood pressure
Weight loss with the OPTIFAST®program can help manage hypertension2,4

Average decrease in total cholesterol
Weight loss with the OPTIFAST® program can help manage cholesterol levels2,4
* modified version of Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)


OPTIWIN is a year-long study, designated to evaluate the effectiveness of the OPTIFAST® weight loss program, in comparison with a standard-of-care, reduced energy, food-base diet (modified version of Diabetes Prevention Program, DPP) and lifestyle intervention among adults with a BMI higher than 30.

Study Design

52 weeks: 26-week weight loss phase, followed by a 26-week weight maintenance phase.
Open-label, randomized, controlled trial

multicenter (9 sites across the U.S.)

330 eligible for study; 273 in the mITT* study population



  • Total meal replacement up to 16 weeks
  • 800 kcal/day, based on BMI
  • 40% carbohydrate, 40% protein, 20% fat
  • Gradual introduction of food up to 26 weeks

Conventional food, encouraged 1-2 meal replacements per day.

(n-=138 mITT*)
Reduced energy (-500 to -750 kcal/day, 25% to 30% fat) diet based on *modified Diabetes Prevention Program for 26 weeks.
Increased energy intake to achieve weight maintenance.

150-180 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous intensity exercise
Group (weekly) and individual (per schedule) behavioral counseling sessions

Mean weight loss (%)
Patients lost approximately 2x as much weight using the OPTIFAST® program

Other medical weight loss services

In addition to the above services which may be covered by many private insurance plans, we provide additional services

Registered Dietitian Services

Our registered dietitian can offer dietary based interventions that will help you meet your nutritional needs. She covers most nutrition related topics including: healthy eating, weight loss/gain, digestive health, food allergies/intolerances, specialized diets (e.g. vegetarian), pediatric nutrition, nutrition intervention/treatment for diabetes, heart disease, and inflammatory disease (e.g. Crohn’s and Colitis). Our dietitian lead weight loss program involves a nutrition assessment, setting SMART goals, customized meal plans as well as continued support and monitoring of your food intake.
Additional support is available for those interested and may include support via phone and electronic follow ups. Our dietitian believes in a lifestyle change that utilizes proper nutritional education to help build a strong foundation. This will help you make the necessary changes to ensure long- lasting results. Contact us, to find out more about our nutrition services and to meet our dietitian. Did you know: You may have private insurance coverage for dietitian services?

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